Here are descriptions of the many fitness classes the Club at Stoweflake offers from certified trainers. Not all classes are available every month, so be sure to check this month’s schedule. All class participation requires a class card. Call the Sports Desk at 802.760.1123 for more information.

Combination class that introduces mat and reformer principles. All levels welcome.

Essential Mat

Learn the basics of an anatomically based approach to Joseph Pilates’ original exercise method. Incorporates modern exercise and rehabilitation science, eliminates contraindicated movements, and emphasizes neutral spinal alignment.

Intro to Reformer $$

Receive step-by-step instruction to each Intro exercise in the Reformer repertoire from our certified instructors. Learn why the Reformer is an important part of any fitness program in developing core strength and symmetry.

Essential Reformer $$

Designed for individuals with some STOTT PILATES™ Reformer experience. If you have prior experience with the STOTT PILATES™ Reformer machine and are looking for good solid workout, you won’t be disappointed!

Small Equipment Circuit

This class will utilize different pieces of STOTT PILATES™ equipment weekly to improve balance, strength, flexibility and coordination while using STOTT PILATES™ repertoire.

Power Mat

Use props along with challenging floor exercises to get a great Pilates Core workout and help increase flexibility.

Intermediate Reformer

Experience needed in reformer work to do this class.


Constant, flowing movements (vinyasas) define this particular class. Deep breathing (pranayama) and core muscle contraction (bandhas) help intensify the effects of the postures (asanas) by generating and maintaining internal heat in the body. This is an extremely energizing class that develops full body strength, flexibility, and encourages weight loss.

Dynamic Flow

An energetic, open-level class focusing on the flow between postures, with smooth transitions from one pose to the next. Moderate intensity, presenting a different sequence of poses in each class.

Gentle Yoga

This class is focused on breathing, relaxation and stress relief based on Ayurveda principles.


A style of Hatha yoga that teaches the basic mechanics of yoga postures and introduces the concepts of breath work. It is a deeper inner directed form of yoga.

Breath and movement

A formatted yoga class that focuses on using breath and mental focus while gently applying yoga movement.


Means to place in a special way. One posture builds upon the other or counterbalances the first move. Translated from Sanskrit which means connection.


A yoga program designed to bring harmony to the two main energies of the body: The energy of the moon and the energy of the sun. A perfect class to balance the mind and the intellect through breathing and movement.


A class dedicated to develop contemplation using montras to calm the mind and develop an awareness of your inner self.

A certified instructor will guide you through a workout on a special stationary bike, burn 300-500 calories an hour!

Endurance Spin

Train the body to be more efficient at metabolizing fat and to maintain a comfortable pace for extended periods, while having a great time! Heart rate monitor recommended.

Interval Spin

This high-energy class emphasizes speed, tempo, timing and rhythm. Movements include high RPM, pedaling on flats, accelerations, climbs and recovery stretches.

Strength Ride

The strength-training session involves steady, consistent pedaling with heavy resistance. Strength rides promote muscular and cardiovascular development that will enable you to be a strong, powerful climber.

Nordic Walking Adventure

This class allows more time to explore Stowe’s beautiful scenery and wooded paths. From the town’s recreation path to numerous wooded trails, it offers a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors in any season. All fitness levels welcome.

NEW! Body Movement

A unique movement class is designed to increase the flow of energy to the physical body while bringing awareness to the mind-body connection by utilizing flowing movement, breath and energy techniques. Relax tension in your body and gain a deep sense of well being that transcends the merely physical.

Muscle of the Month

Functional monthly workshop led by a certified personal trainer, focusing on one muscle group per month.


An all-encompassing class that incorporates balance and core muscle activity to create peripheral strength using the Physio-ball.

Power Aerobics

A new approach to an old classic. High energy, medium impact, full-body workout. All fitness levels welcome.

Sports Conditioning

Multiple stations feature exercises that incorporate plyometrics and strength-building moves, to develop a balanced, toned body that’s ready for any sports activity.

Aqua Fitness

Fast-paced choreography and athletic moves accentuating a full body workout in the pool. Develops cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength.