STO APR Fitness Schedule

Yoga Studio * Upstairs Spa Wing


Pilates Studio* Lower Level Spa wing


Spin Studio* Sports Club

*Instructors and schedule subject to change.


Advanced sign up recommended for reformer class

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= 50 minute classes at $15 per person (Resort Guests $10)

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= 50 minute classes at $25 per person (Resort Guests $20)

Class Descriptions



Yin Yoga: Yin balances the Yang practices focusing energy and deep hydration into connective tissue, ligaments , joints and fascia.


Kripalu: A style of Hatha yoga that teaches the basic mechanics of yoga postures and introduces the concepts of breath work. It is a deeper inner directed form of yoga Breath and movement. A formatted yoga class that focuses on using breath and mental focus while gently applying yoga movement.


Vinyasa: Means to place in a special way. One posture builds upon the other or counterbalances the first move. Translated from Sanskrit which means connection Hatha: A yoga program designed to bring harmony to the two main energies of the body: The energy of the moon and the energy of the sun. A perfect class to balance the mind and the intellect through breathing and movement


Buti Yoga: A class that is a soul blend of power yoga, cardio-intensive tribal dance, conditioning and deep abdominal toning.”


Candlelit Yoga: A flowing style of Vinyasa yoga that links each movement to the breath. Each asana builds upon the last allowing the body to gradually soften and open. Class pace and variations are customized based on student level, finishing with a calming ending sequence and sound healing savasana.

Tai Chi


Sun Style: A gentle form of the Chinese martial art practiced for its health benefits and Qigong influence. It’s high stance and gentle flowing movements make it an enjoyable practice that can help improve flexibility, balance, focus, joint mobility, and energy flow.

STOTT PILATESTM: Combination class that introduces matt and reformer principles. All levels welcome
Essential Mat: Learn the basics of an anatomically based approach to Joseph Pilates’ original exercise method. Incorporates modern exercise and rehabilitation science, eliminates contraindicated movements, and emphasizes neutral spinal alignment.


Intro to Reformer: Receive step-by-step instruction to each Intro exercise in the Reformer repertoire from our certified instructors. Learn why the Reformer is an important part of any fitness program in developing core strength and symmetry.


Essential Reformer: Designed for individuals with some STOTT PILATESTM Reformer experience. If you have prior experience with the STOTT PILATESTM Reformer machine and are looking for good solid workout, you won’t be disappointed!


Small Equipment Circuit: This class will utilize different pieces of STOTT PILATESTM equipment weekly to improve balance, strength, flexibility and coordination while using STOTT PILATESTM repertoire.


Ski Conditioning Using the jump board and props along with challenging floor exercises to get a great Pilates Core workout and help increase dynamic movement.


Intermediate Reformer: Experience needed in reformer work to do this class.



Meditation and Movement With breath focus, students will begin practice with slow movements developing deep attention to all sensation that is present The goal is to just witness, without judgement. Class ends with 15 minutes of sitting meditation Students will leave with calm, settled minds, deepened present moment awareness on into their daily life.



8:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.


*Hours Subject to Change During Holiday Seasons • 802-760-1083