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Thanks for the Memories Contest Stories

This year, Stoweflake—owned and operated by the Baraw Family—celebrates 50 years of hospitality! To kick off our golden anniversary year, we’re launching a “Thanks for the Memories” contest. Below you will find the current entries for the contest.

Email Us at and tell us your favorite memory of Stoweflake!

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Entry #1

As we get older we realize the definition of life. Life is measured NOT by how much money we posses, the car we drive or the zip code we live in. Those who are truly blessed value and appreciate the true meaning of life - the simple things that make us smile... Read More

Entry #2

Our Vacation to Stoweflake Mountain Resort and Spa December 27, 2012 - January 1, 2013! I always plan our vacations at the beginning of the year so that we can save money throughout the year to make the vacation a reality! After watching “Baby Boom” the movie for over 100 times as I was growing up, I knew that I wanted to visit Vermont one day... Read More

Entry #3

With our family living in different parts of the world (scattered between Montreal and Virginia), The Stoweflake in Stowe, Vermont was the perfect spot for us to rendezvous. Some flew, some drove and we all met on New Year’s eve in the lobby of our home away from home for a week... Read More

Entry #4

Mark and I chose The Stoweflake as our honeymoon destination in September of 1991. We chose The Stoweflake because it was a location that would be easily accessible year after year to celebrate the wonderful choice we had made in each other. For many years we traveled back to this beautiful place where our lives together first began. Our honeymoon experience was a magical one... Read More

Entry #5

In March 2003 I became pregnant with our second child. The pregnancy was wrought with many difficulties, and I was put on bed rest at 30 weeks. Six weeks later, our sweet dog developed an incurable nerve disease and we had to put her down.  She was our first "child" and it broke my heart to let her go. Two weeks later, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl... Read More

Entry #6

On February 24, 2013, my wife surprised me with a two day ski pass to Stowe Mountain for my birthday.  She also booked us at Stoweflake Resort which I was perturbed about since it was not on the ski hill.  What a mistake I would have made if I booked us up the road.  The resort is unbelievable.  The room was so comfortable and homey that I just wanted to stay in it all the time... Read More

Entry #7

In keeping with the spirit of anniversary celebrations, we too are reflecting on “the memories” as we prepare to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. As the years go by, we will always remember the first days we shared together enjoying Stowflake's fabulous amenities. We cherish those moments. We could have never known where life’s journey would lead... Read More

Entry #8

When I first came to Stoweflake, I was going through a very difficult time in my life. I had just ended a long term relationship, and needed some time alone. Upon arrival, I was greeted by a friendly staff, who... Read More

Entry #9

My family loves the Stoweflake Inn and this year we brought our 4 month old daughter for our first non-ski visit.  Lucy had her first swim ever in the indoor pool!  During my hot rock massage, my thoughts drifted to "I can't wait for my little girl to enjoy and look forward to this place every year."  My wife agrees and so a new tradition... Read More

Entry #10

We arrived at the Stoweflake one snowy February night. The deluxe accommodations were a welcoming sight... Read More

Entry #11

2010 was a stressful year for my family, we were exhausted.  Arriving in August allowed us the opportunity to see Stoweflake in full summertime bloom and my son and I spent hours in the pristine outdoor pool and on the golf course. The opportunity to reconnect with my husband and son was priceless.... Read More

Entry #12

Upon arriving at the Stoweflake Inn we found beautiful flowers in bloom. The front desk staff was all smiles and very welcoming! You don't often see staff that are excited to be working. Our deluxe room with fireplace... Read More

Entry #13

My memories:  Stoweflake Mountain Resort and Spa, like totally it is rad, awesome and gnarly dude. It is tight, fly , and off the chain.  Two big thumbs up.  It is by far the best in the industry in terms of value, quality, staff friendliness and professionalism, beautiful scenery, etc... Read More

Entry #14

My husband, Richard, and I have been married for 40 wonderful years.  We have been going to the Stoweflake Resort  for the past 12 years.  Each year in October for our anniversary we go there to celebrate.  We love to visit Stowe and our favorite place to stay is at the Stoweflake... Read More

Entry #15

Entering here not having been and without a story. Desiring to see Stoweflake Vermont in all it’s glory Green State Mountains, Hot Air Balloons... Read More

Entry #16

I am trying to think when I discovered the Stoweflake but I know that I began coming there in about 1975 or 76 when it was just basically a motel and a swimming pool and over the years it expanded and became fancier and fancier... Read More

Entry #17

Ever since I could remember my Mom has always wanted to visit Vermont.  For her 60th birthday I surprised her with a trip to Stowe. We had the pleasure of staying at the Stoweflake for a week of soulful fun... Read More

Entry #18

I would love to see the beauty of Stoweflake Inn through the eyes of my three grandchildren. After commuting into Boston for 30 years... Read More

Entry #19

In early 1999, my husband and I came for our yearly vacation of cross country skiing in beautiful Stowe Vermont. But skiing was not in the cards for me. I was 7 months pregnant...Read More

Entry #20

What can I say, I love The Stoweflake! I spent every day in the indoor pool, swimming in the nice warm water. I loved our townhouse; I sat down on the stairs all by myself...Read More

Entry #21

It was a chilly weekend in November of 2011. Don and Juanita had invited us to come to Stowe for the weekend. It was our first visit to the StoweFlake Inn...Read More

Entry #22

It was my son Jacob's 19th birthday. Jacob is a freshman, corp of cadets, Norwich University, due to leave for boot camp... Read More

Entry #23

We are blessed to have a great mother-daughter relationship. We enjoy being together and decided it would be fun to spend an overnight at Stoweflake... Read More

Entry #24

The Stoweflake has been part of the Walker family for 30 years. Every morning during our annual Stoweflake vacation, my brother and I would sneak up to the balcony inside our townhouse and... Read More

Entry #25

When asked to attend yet another hum-drum conference last fall... I hesitated... "Not another conference with sub-par food... Read More

Entry #26

After many years, we returned to Stowe to ski. The Stoweflake Inn starts new memories. It was different, smaller place motel, now an Inn. Read More

Entry #27

The Bennetts' first Stoweflake vacation was July 2012 for the ballooning festival. Our family of four was joined by our friends' family of four, and we were thrilled with the experience. Read More

Entry #28

My story begins in Oct. 1986 when my husband and I had our wedding reception at the Stoweflake. Read More



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