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Ayurvedic Treatments

Ayurveda is the ancient Indian science of life and wellness. It establishes an understanding of your individual body type and its current imbalances, which can cause skin problems, weight gain, sleep issues, digestive complaints, joint pain and more. Ayurveda focuses on the root of the problem and the solutions that will help regain balance—allowing your body to heal itself.

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Surinda Oberai Cavanagh

Surinda is reknowned in New England for helping many reform their lives through her work at Stoweflake as a Kripalu Certified Ayurvedic Consultant and Ayurvedic Bodyworker. She began her studies of Ayurveda at the Kripalu School of Ayurveda in Stockbridge, Massachusetts where she studied with world-renowned Ayurvedic masters such as Dr. Vasant Lad, Dr. David Frawley, and Dr. John Douillard.  She went on to complete the Advanced Course for Practitioners in Faridabad, India at the Jiva Institute with Dr. Partap Chauhan.

Surinda's powerful impact on many is best stated by one. “Working with Surinda has helped me to put all the parts of my life together in a more peaceful way. Instead of thinking of all my issues separately she looked at them as a whole and treated me that way. I now see myself as a boat bobbing in the water leaning to one side and then the other. Surinda gave me the tools to right my boat and then to make the small adjustments everyday (or every season) to keep me sailing smoothly.” 

Lea Mahoney

Lea received her Bachelors of Science in Wellness and Alternative Medicine from Johnson State College. During her time there, she was introduced to various modalities of Complementary Medicine. To continue her love for holistic health, Lea enrolled in the Kripalu School of Ayurveda in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. While there, she studied with world renowned teachers including Dr. Vasant Lad, Dr. John Douillard, and Dr. Claudia Welch. Lea now specializes in Ayurvedic diet, lifestyle and bodywork at the Spa at Stoweflake in Stowe, Vermont.

Contact Surinda today to learn how Ayurveda can help guide you through energizing and renewing your life.   802.760.1083 or 800.253.2232

Ayurvedic Diet & Lifestyle Consultation

A Certified Ayurvedic Consultant will begin with a complete evaluation of your personal history, current diet and lifestyle, followed by a pulse assessment and tongue examination. Your consultant will then determine your body/mind type or constitution (prakruti), and discuss your imbalances. The session concludes with recommendations for diet and lifestyle changes, giving you the confidence and insight to achieve better health and wellness.
110 min. | $250

Diet and Lifestyle Follow-up Consultation

50 min. | $125
Reevaluate your lifestyle plan and maintain motivation in achieving your wellness goals. Meet with our consultant in person or by phone.


Herbal Oil Treatment and Lymphatic Stimulation
80 min. | $195
Garshana, a dry lymphatic massage with silk gloves, is followed by a customized rhythmic herbal warm oil treatment.


Formerly known as "Dosha Balancing Massage"
80 min. $185 | 50 min. $135
An herbal-oil application nourishes, removes impurities, stimulates both arterial and lymphatic circulation, and relaxes the mind and body, promoting overall healing.


Deep-Tissue Massage
80 min. $195 | 50 min. $145
This deeply invigorating treatment breaks up adhesions, stimulates lymphatic flow and guides impurities out of the body.


80 min. $185 | 50 min. $135
Pamper your face with Ayurvedic herbs, facial oils and marma therapy (Ayurvedic energy work).


Joint and Muscle Detoxification
80 min. $195 | 50 min. $145
This deeply warming and relaxing treatment uses poultices that are warmed in oil and applied to the tissue, relieving inflammation and sore joints.


Back Relief Treatment
80 min. $195 | 50 min. $145
Immerse the spine in a soothing bath of warm therapeutic oil calming the vertebrae, nerves and muscles.


Eye Soothing Treatment
80 min. $195 | 50 min. $145
An antidote for tired, burning, red and dry eyes. Warm ghee bathes and soothes as reservoirs are placed around the eyes. 80 min. session includes full body oil treatment.


80 min. | $195
A nurturing treatment combines a warm stone massage with the healing principles of Ayurveda. The primary focus is to calm the nervous system.


Known as Bindi Herbal Body Treatment
80 min. | $195
Using a warm oil herbal paste the body is massaged with traditional Ayurvedic techniques. After showering, the detoxification continues with swedena.


75 min. | $185
The perfect remedy for stress and an over-active mind. A stream of warm oil onto the third eye soothes the mind and senses.


50 min. $125 | 25 min. $75
A full-body steam treatment in a heat chamber that allows the head to remain cool. Moist heat and essential oils encourage the mobilization of impurities.

25 min. treatment as a treatment enhancement.
50 min. includes warm Ayurvedic oil to loosen the channels of detoxification.


Sinus Treatment
80 min. $195 | 50 min. $145
Opens and stimulates the proper flow within the head and neck area, clearing the sinuses.

80-minute session includes a full body oil treatment.



110 min. | $250
A rhythmic warm herbal oil massage followed by a continuous warm oil stream to the forehead. This treatment is deeply relaxing and balancing to the nervous system.


80 min. | $200
For those who have a hard time relaxing, this treatment includes a vigorous Ayurvedic deep tissue massage followed by a continuous stream balancing treatment.

Price and selection subject to change. Prices do not include an 18% service charge.

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