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Fitness Tips

9 Ways to Keep Your Fitness Program on Track

There are plenty of good reasons that fitness routines get derailed. Lack of results and boredom seem to be the top 2 killers of fitness routines followed by work schedules, injuries and family. Whatever the reason, before you shelve your sneakers for good, check out our 9 ways to keep (or get) you on track.

1. Change it Up: Even the pros get bored occasionally. To keep your workouts interesting, engage in a completely different activity like Pilates or Nordic Walking if you are an avid weight trainer only. The strengthened and stretched muscles that you do not normally work, will help you develop an overall fit body.

2. Knowing what’s Happening: Often times the greatest gain in results happen within the body and aren't seen right away. Keeping this in mind when training will go a long way in motivation when you do not see immediate results.

3. Train for an Event: To conquer your workout monotony, sign up for a marathon or cycling tour, and then seriously train for it. Putting the event on your calendar will get you revved up, and motivate you to follow a structured training schedule. It may be that you have been craving the competitive component missing from your fitness routine.

4. Hire a Trainer or Bring a Friend: Being accountable to others will help you stick with it. If hiring a trainer is too big a strain on your wallet, try sharing the trainer with one or two friends. By scheduling your workouts to meet friends at the gym, you are most likely to not back out knowing that someone is counting on you.

5. Break it Up: Perhaps more frequent, shorter workouts before or after your scheduled workday make more sense for you. Instead of a full body routine, break it up. Cardio one day, upper body another and lower body the next. Even in workdays that are long and hectic, you may find that an afternoon break for a quick abs or stretching routine works nicely – and doubles as an energy boost.

6. Pack your Gear: Packing the gear you will need for each workout during the upcoming week (on your day off) can greatly improve your chances of success.

7. Take it Slow: Is a recent injury holding you back? First of all, let the injury heal, but as soon as the doctor clears you to get back in the gym, go! Consider new options, like using lower-body weight machines if the upper body is injured or upper body machines as the lower body heals. Focusing on developing the non-injured parts of your body will help you get through it.

8. Bring the Baby with You: Young parents often feel strapped with the new responsibilities that a new family brings. Bring the baby with you! Push your baby’s stroller or cycle with the baby tag-a-long behind you a couple of miles every day. The resistance will help you burn more calories than walking or cycling alone.

9. Turn Your Living Room into a Gym: Spend a few days a week either on the treadmill or doing videos in the comfort of your own home. Many gyms offer house visits from personal trainers that can design a strength training or cardio routine that work in your home.

We can help! Stoweflake certified personal trainers and instructors could design a workout that meets your goals and fits your lifestyle. Schedule a consultation or a fitness evaluation during your next stay at Stoweflake or try one of 55 weekly classes offered.

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Chad Couto is Fitness Director and Master Trainer at the Stoweflake Mountain Resort & Spa with 25 years experience in the fitness industry. Chad holds certifications with AFA, Spinning and is a Master Presenter for the International Nordic Walker Association. Email your questions to Chad at

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