The Spa at Stoweflake's Center for Growth is an education center for those interested in Massage, Bodywork & Wellness. Located at Vermont's most celebrated Spa in the pristine Green Mountains of Vermont, the center provides a unique opportunity for body workers and wellness professionals to expand and develop their professional horizons while experiencing a personal tranquil retreat.

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A common thread unites them & a respect for the connection between mind, body and spirit.


Advanced Introduction to Beginning Ayurveda

May 15 - May 29, 2015
Dr. Robert Svoboda, Dr. Claudia Welch and Rose Baudin

Drs. Svoboda and Welch plan to present what they have found to be the most practically essential elements of Ayurveda, both in personal health, and in preparation as a practitioner. Throughout this module, we will discuss fundamental principles including:

  • The five elements (mahabhutas)
  • The twenty qualities (gunas) that comprise physical life and existence
  • The three forces (doshas) that govern them within individual human experience and the five subsets of those forces
  • How to determine individual constitution (prakriti) and current condition (vikriti)
  • Digestive strength (agni)
  • The role of toxicity (ama) in disease
  • Ways to establish daily and lifetime routines that serve as the foundation of health

Students should be aware that this program will be videoed, as it is to become the basis of an online educational program. The lectures will therefore be delivered uninterrupted with question and answer sections will follow. There are no plans to film any students.

As the intense download of information would overwhelm the mental digestion of participants, lecture time has been capped at three and a half hours of per day, with free time provided Sunday, May 24. To facilitate integration of what is learned, two hours of yoga instruction will also be provided daily, one and a half hours in the morning and a half hour in the afternoon. The yoga classes will be taught by Ms. Rose Baudin, an internationally known yoga teacher who is a long time friend of Drs. Svoboda and Welch. This schedule allows a total of 45.5 hours of Ayurveda instruction, 26 hours of yoga instruction, and time to study, absorb, walk, enjoy spa treatments (including Ayurveda-inspired treatments), and generally appreciate springtime in Vermont. Vegetarian (no meat, fish or eggs), gluten-free meals will be available throughout the program.

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