Let us entertain you! Eat, drink and enjoy the melodious sounds of some of Vermont's best entertainers.

February 7th: Danny Cole
February 14th: Bryan Kellett
February 15th: Bryan Kellett
February 16th: Danny Cole
February 17th: Jim Charanko
February 18th: Danny Cole
February 19th: Jim Charanko
February 20th: Jason Wedlock
February 21st: Jason Wedlock
February 22nd: Danny Cole

Entertainers subject to change.


Dan Cole: A favorite of Charlie B's, Danny brings passion to his best selection of blues, folk, rock cover tunes, plus his original creations.

Chris Reddy: Favorite alternative music utilizing loop station technology.

Cal Stanton: Be sure to stop for a listen to Cal and his favorite acoustic rock tunes!

Jason Caan: Entertainment to bring a crowd in- playing a variety of tunes from acoustic folk, country, alternative, blues, rock originals, and favorites.

Brian Kellett: His diverse mix of classic and modern rock, adapted for acoustic guitar is certain to soothe you after a great winter day.

Jim Charonko: Jim is a local legend who has been performing everywhere in the Stowe area for over 30 years. An accomplished guitar player and singer, his music covers many genres.